"Pure and tonal, the effect is mesmerizing: Think Alison Moyet meets Jimmy Somerville. The emotion is intense, angry and beautifully captured. Graham J. demonstrates one of the huge benefits of the male alto voice by dipping down to his chest notes for emphasis. Stunning"

Jazz Critic / Sammy Stein

"As soon as he starts to sing the effect is quite surreal as when one expects to hear a rich tenor, then we are confronted with a contralto voice of purity and expression that after the initial surprise is warm and engaging...Graham J. can hold an audience in the palm of his hand"

Jazz Views / Nick Lea

"Graham’s organic talents, however, are equally matched with his meticulously polished and truly bewitching delivery. His sound is delicately intricate and multi-dimensional, and he’s able to hit some astonishing aural heights"

Huffington Post

"…wouldn’t be out of place in a Lloyd-Webber blockbuster musical"

Maverick Magazine

"Numbers like ‘Summertime’ found Norton riffing and flouting vocal feathers over swanky jazz arrangements"

The Thin Air

"Graham J. interacts with the arrangements, at times interpreting the lyrics in such a way that he provides an additional instrumental quality. This is an album of surprises, one which hits you both aurally and emotionally. Cry is a joy to listen to"

Sammy Stein / Something Else Reviews


Graham J is a native of County Dublin in Ireland. He began singing and piano lessons st a young age. His unique contralto voice and highly emotive singing have garnered him a large following internationally. Earning him many plaudits from the jazz and cabaret press. Acclaimed music journalist Larry Flick describes him as having “A gift from God” and praised him saying “You make pop music serious. You’re a real artist”. 2018 was a busy year for Graham. Highlights included performing at the Laurie Beechman Theatre on Broadway in New York City. Headlining The Gay Pride Festival in Sitges and performing at Pizza Express in Holborn. 2019 saw him making his debut at The Pheasantry in London.


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